LG Televisions Now Come With HD Resolutions

LG TV’s have been slowly evolving over time. We’ve seen them grow from the early 2000s until now in 2017 where they are quite powerful. They provide high quality imagery to your eyes and allow you to watch awesome movies in 3D and even 4D.

2017 has brought multi dimensional television to your home screens. 3D and 4D have been things that have only been available in movie theaters, but we’ve seen the rise of home televisions supporting 3D and 4D.

4K TV’s have also seen a rise in todays era, we’ve had a dramatic rise through 2016 with the big expanse of 4K TV production. Now in 2017 the 4K TV’s have grown exponentially in popularity. The 4K TV’s that available in 2015 were very low quality, however the ones in 2017 have become awesome.

The pixel quality has grown to become much crisper and clearer than the earlier models. Looking at the EG059 model produced by LG, we can see that they have improved the mechanical build of the TV and created it to have some new features that are way cooler.

The 4K TV that is made by LG known commonly as the LG949 produces higher sound quality by including Bose speakers which have a much higher level of build quality than other speaker systems. The speakers inside the TV produce a higher noise level that can be heard throughout the house or home theatre. When you are watching at home you want to make sure that every person in the room and guests that may be visiting for a viewing party can hear the TV show or movie clearly, therefore the LG949 is perfect for those that are looking to be able to listen to the movie that you be watching.

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